Our Team

The Valley Offset Printing family is always here to help.


Travis Bryant

Year hired: 1988
Phone: 316-866-6386

Deanna Stafford

AR and Reception
Phone: 316-866-6374

Jeanette Mueller

Office Manager
Year hired: 2016
Phone: 316-260-4121

Loretta Canlapan

HR and AP
Phone: 316-866-6375

Art Department

Eric Burns

Phone: 316-866-6382

Larry Vickers

Prepress Supervisor
Phone: 316-866-6381

Anna Cooper

Production Artist/Prepress
Year hired: 2016
Phone: 316-831-1270

Chris Moore

Graphic Designer/Prepress
Year hired: 2016
Phone: 316-260-4112

Customer Service

Erika Stokes

CSR & Promo
Phone: 316-260-4125

Kris Bryant

CSR Supervisor
Year hired: Oct 1994
Phone: 316-866-6377

Sean O’Halloran

Phone: 316-260-4145

Donya Percival

Phone: 316-866-6378

Mailing & Shipping

Stacy Repp

Phone: 316-866-6384

Kevin Kester

Warehouse Manager


Robert Souter

Production Manager
Phone: 316-866-6380

Sean Earleywine

Bindery Manager
Phone: 316-866-6388

Sales & Estimating

If you would like to work with a seasoned Account Manager please contact either Cindy or Ashley for a quote. To request a quote directly with the estimating department, please contact Robert McDaniel. For all other sales inquiries, email sales@valleyoffset.com

Robert McDaniel

Phone: 316-866-6372

Cindy Freeman

Account Executive
Year hired: 2019
Phone: 316-866-6371

Angie Beehler


Account Executive
Phone: 316-866-6376

Ashley Martin

Sales and Marketing
Phone: 316-866-6373